At Paint Calgary we provide eco services and we don’t soak you for doing your part to help our environment and to help improve the air quality in your home, especially for asthmatic homes and homes with small children, therefore there is only an additional charge on our quotes to cover the price difference between Sherwin-Williams Quali-Kote coatings (our normal product recommendation) and Sherwin-Williams GreenSure coatings.

Paint Recycling through Alberta Recycling is included, as Paint Calgary takes all un-used coatings that the customer does not wish to keep to a Alberta Recycling depot.

More information about the eco friendly product and services we provide, plus information about what eco friendly coatings can do for your home, pease contact us or visit our eco information website at

  1. Dave & Janette Engen says:

    I have chemical sensitivity and know for sure that the “Aura” paint does not bother me. Could you tell me about your eco friendly brands and how it compares, i.e. smell, no VOL and only 1 coat of paint required??
    Many thanks,
    Janette Engen

  2. Calgary Painters says:

    Hi Janette, you can visit out ECO website at for information about Sherwin Williams ECO line. As for small, no VOC and 1 coat of paint? GreenSure is a zeo VOC coating we can use. However one coat will depend on the type and colour of paint you have now. Colour changes do require two coats for a professional finish.

  3. Hello, what is the price difference between using regualar paint and eco friendly?

  4. Calgary Painters says:

    Hi John, at Paint Calgary we actually do not markup the cost of paint. We typically use Quali-Kote or ProMar 200 for our painting projects which are both Sherwin-Williams products. We like using Quali-Kote as it is a lower VOC product that stands up very well for residential projects. For customers who want a zero VOC paint, we use a product called Harmony which is also a Sherwin- Williams product. In regards to additional pricing for eco friendly service, labour wise there is no difference. We purchase Quali-Kote low sheen for $23 a gallon and Harmony for $30 a gallon, therefore on a 1000 square foot project you additional cost to ensure zero VOC for your home and family would be no more than an additional $50 :) More information about our eco painting services. in addition to information of enviromental toxins, can be found at

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